FVB manages major valve replacement

Selångerhus no. 4, one of the country's biggest housing associations, is replacing all the valves on its heating system. FVB is responsible for planning, design and execution of the work.

The housing cooperative Selångerhus no. 4 in Sundsvall consists of 716 flats, built between 1965–1971. All the radiator valves in the properties and on stem pipes in the buildings are being replaced – a big job.

"The valves were installed when the buildings were built and need to be replaced because of their age. By installing new valves, we decrease the risk of leaks and residents will also get better temperature control," says Michael Nordin, Property Administrator for Selångerhus no. 4.

"We're not replacing the valves to save money, but by adjusting the new valves, we can improve temperature control which in turn can lead to lower energy costs," he explains.

Replacing valves in an apartment building means that FVB first has to go through the drawings to estimate the number of valves and their dimensions. Transmission calculations are made once they have calculated how much output each room will need. The entire heating system is then drawn complete with setting values, flow, pump pressure and heating curves.

"Once the new valves are installed, we adjust them to the calculated values. When ready, we adjust the stem pipe valves and finally perform flow measurement on all stem pipe valves to check flow and pressure drop through them," says Göran Lind at FVB, Project Manager, and adds:

"The next step is to fit the hand controls on the radiators. That involves adjusting the flow through each valve to ensure every part of the building gets the right amount of heat."

FVB then monitors the indoor temperature for a few months using temperature transmitters located in selected apartments. That gives us a picture of the indoor temperatures and we can see whether the heating system is working as intended.

"We started replacing the valves back in 2017, and FVB has been responsible for the work during the last three years. The collaboration has worked well, which is extra important when conducting such an extensive valve replacement, affecting many residents and involving many people in the work," says Michael Nordin.

For more details, contact:
Göran Lind: +46 (0)60-67 27 03

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