Research & Development

Together we move the industry forward

We have been conducting district heating research since the 1980s which has given us long experience of research and development. This gives our customers access to valuable new knowledge that can lead to better district heating systems. Meanwhile, we are building our cutting-edge expertise in several areas.

We share new knowledge

We work with several energy companies, which means that we can identify problems and questions facing the industry and incorporate this in our research work.

In recent years, we have led and participated in projects involving system efficiency in district heating systems, design and care of distribution nets and large-scale thermal storage.

Examples of research projects that we lead or participate in:
-Monitoring of thermal storage in rock caverns
-Handbook for reducing district heating temperatures

We also conduct research on low-temperature district heating networks and our research has included:
– Adapting properties for fourth-generation district heating
– District heating to low-energy areas, where lower temperatures have been identified as a component to improve system economy

Collaborate with us

Research is often better when industry experience is combined with academia. That is why we gladly collaborate with universities or colleges in district heating research projects. We work closely with energy companies and identify the challenges they face in the area of district heating. We can move the industry forward together!

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