Fuel Gas

– Biogas, Vehicle gas, LBG and Hydrogen

Does your company or municipality need help with production or distribution of fuel gases? We have the knowledge and can manage projects from idea to finished plant. We can also improve and customize existing plants.

The responsibility is ours

When we take a project from idea to finished plant, it means we are responsible for:
– feasibility studies
– investigations
– design
– procurement
– energy efficiency
– commissioning
– documentation
– support and advice on control technology

Assessing the potential

The feasibility study involves assessing the potential of the new plant and the possibility of constructing a plant that is technically, financially, and environmentally sustainable.

Make the investment profitable

The next step is to make an in-depth investigation of the conditions for an investment.
We find out:
– how the fuel gas will be produced
– what the fuel gas will primarily be used for
– how the existing distribution system can be optimally expanded
– what the investment will cost
– what the profitability looks like
– how the plant will be constructed

We are your project and construction managers

Building a new part of a plant or customizing an existing plant requires several types of documents. We produce the necessary documentation and can also be project managers or construction managers. This includes:
– conducting feasibility studies
– performing network calculations
– designing in 3D
– producing procurement documentation
– evaluating tenders
– producing construction documentation
– project or construction management

Help with procurement

Various services will need to be purchased during the design. We have extensive experience in procurement and in producing the necessary documents. As an independent consultant, we can also assist in evaluating the tenders.

We are on site with you

When the plant is to be put into operation, we are on site to make sure everything works. We also have cutting-edge expertise within automation, which is important for being able to optimize the plant.

Safety first

Fuel gases are associated with fire and explosion risks. Therefore, it is important to have a protective distance around parts of the plant containing gas. The required minimum clearance depends on the type of plant and the materials it contains. We make sure that the safety clearance complies with the law and results in a safe plant.

Because of the risk of fire and explosion the law requires special documentation. We know the requirements and can produce the right documentation.

We can also suggest improvements that increase the safety and security of on-site personnel.

We document your plant

A newly built or rebuilt part of a plant needs to be documented. This also applies to new and rebuilt distribution systems. We ensure that the documentation is correct, and that the quality of the workmanship meets the legal requirements and industry standards.

Improving existing plants

If you already have a fuel gas plant, it may need to be augmented. This could involve process improvements or corrective measures. A rebuild might be the solution to reducing maintenance costs, for example, by replacing process equipment such as pumps, valves, or exchangers. We improve the plant so that it works optimally.

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