We supply industries with heat, cooling, steam, and gas

We have expertise in how to supply industries with heat, cooling, steam, and gas.

We also know how energy can be used efficiently and sustainably. Given our background in the energy industry, we can apply this expertise to other industries. In addition to our expertise in the energy field, we have consultants with many years of experience from various industries and process technologies.

We can help you with:
– investigations
– energy surveys
– project planning
– procurement
– project management
– documentation
– operational support
– automation and monitoring

Don’t waste resources

Do you use heat in the best possible way or does the surplus go out the chimney? Most industrial processes need an energy supply of steam and hot water. As climate requirements increase and energy prices rise, there are clear incentives to use energy efficiently. There is also an increased interest from other actors in using waste heat from industries.

We investigate how your surplus heat can be used, among other things, the possibilities of recycling the heat internally so that it can be used in your premises or processes. This can reduce both your need to purchase heat and the total steam consumption. We also investigate whether the heat can be sold to other customers, for example district heating companies that often use industrial waste heat in their systems.

Move heat without a problem

Need to move heat between your own facilities or to a customer? We have extensive experience in district heating distribution and industrial applications. Whether you are expanding an existing network or building a new one, we produce the right basis for construction documents, so that the project can be implemented in the best possible way.

We can help you with:
– making network calculations
– making measurements
– designing in 3D
– producing technical specifications
– evaluating tenders
– producing construction documents
– managing construction

We are Sweden’s biggest cooling company

Many industries need cooling in their processes. We introduced district cooling in Sweden in 1992 and we are the country’s largest consulting company in the field. We also have extensive experience with other cooling solutions used in various industry settings. When you hire us, you get the expertise you need.

Cooling can be produced via free cooling, compressor cooling, absorption cooling, or through sorption cooling. We make sure you get the right kind of cooling production and offer suggestions on how you can use the heat from the cooling process in the most efficient way.

If your cooling does not work as expected, we can also troubleshoot and fine-tune your processes to optimize them for your cooling needs.

Make sure you have the right refrigerants

There is an ongoing phasing out of refrigerants that do not comply with the EU’s revised F-gas directive, and many refrigerants are already banned. We keep track of regulations so that you can be sure to only use approved refrigerants. We can also help with converting existing cooling machines.

Residual material can become biogas

Biogas can be extracted from many different materials, such as slaughterhouse waste, lumber waste from industrial plants, and sludge from water and sewage treatment plants. Can your waste material become biogas? We can ensure that it becomes an important resource and part of the production cycle.

We manage projects from idea to finished biogas plant.

This means we take responsibility for:
– feasibility studies
– investigations
– project planning
– procurement
– energy efficiency
– commissioning
– documentation
– support and advice on control technology

Read more about how we work with biogas as well as other energy gases .

We can also help facilitate communication and business between customers with waste products and customers with biogas plants or digesters, and we can create formal agreements for this type of deal and assess the value of the residual products, i.e., the energy content.

Efficient control is key

Control of electrical systems, monitoring systems, and automation is central to most industries today. We have special expertise in these areas and can help you with:
– feasibility studies
– drawings
– application calculations
– guides for control system processes
– project management
– construction management
– optimization of control and regulation
– configuration of systems (control systems, servers, fieldbuses, networks, etc.)
– installation management
– upgrading your existing systems
– commissioning
– documentation

Read more about how we work with electricity and automation.

Water is an important resource

Water is an important resource in many municipal facilities and industries. We have extensive knowledge in water treatment and water supply and can help you with:
– investigations
– energy surveys
– upgrading control systems
– nitrogen reduction projects
– construction and commissioning of everything from central monitoring systems to substations
– conversion and expansion projects for industrial and municipal water and sewage operations

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