Welcome to the energy consultancy that supplies Exponential Energy Solutions

Exponential Energy Solutions are our commitment to our customers and an expression for our tried-and tested technical, financial and environmental solutions based on the individual needs and wishes of our customers.

Our smart energy solutions increase efficiency, lower costs and reduce environmental impact – whether we are working with Energy, Industry, Property or Electricity & Automation, in Sweden or on our other markets in Europe, the USA, Canada and the Middle East.

FVB-Nytt nr 45

Environmental and climate-smart investment in Sundsvall

Sundsvall Energi is investing in district cooling and FVB is managing the work. Most major cities in the country already have networks for district cooling and ...

FVB-News 45

3D scanning for more cost-effective project design

In 2019, FVB made an investment in laser scanning and can now offer customers cost-effective 3D documentation of existing facilities.Thanks to modern technology, we can ...

Customer cases


New accumulator tank provides spare capacity in Uppsala

The need for district cooling is growing sharply in Uppsala and feasibility studies for a new accumulator tank for the district cooling system started back ...


Good end results when Ekeby treatment plant built a new sludge treatment facility

Eskilstuna Strängnäs Energi och Miljö needed to build a new sludge treatment facility. In 2017, FVB was tasked with project management and programming for the ...


Borås invests millions in a new CHP plant

Investing in CHP and a sewage treatment plant creates synergy effects and environmental benefits. The sewage treatment plant has a sludge and biogas facility and opened ...

6 good reasons for choosing FVB

Customer focus

Whether your project is large or small, our goal is always to build long-term and sustainable customer relations.

Overall view

We look at the overall view – from global requirements for the optimal use of resources and a good environment to the customers’ individual requirements and high demands on returns and efficiency.


Our task is to create profitability and added value for our customers through environmentally friendly and effective solutions. We achieve this by understanding and fully utilizing the connection between technology, finances and the environment.


Independence means freedom of action. We are governed only by the individual circumstances of our customers. We clarify the possibilities available and suggest solutions that have both immediate and long-term effects.


With 50 years in the business, we have solid experience of many different projects, customized solutions and packages of products and services.


We actively participate in national and international energy research and development. A guarantee that the reality of tomorrow will be encompassed in the solutions of today.



The development of every employee is key to the company’s success. Not only do we invest in the development of our staff members, we have also been running successful training courses within our fields of competence for many years.

We offer general courses on the connection between technology, finances, the environment and markets as well as specialized courses in specific tasks, such as boiler attendant courses for industry.