Combined Heat & Power

Does your company need help with matters relating to CHP and heat production?

We are one of the largest consulting companies in district heating in Sweden and have over 50 years of experience in the industry. We can help you with:
project management
operational support

Our feasibility study lays the foundation for your new plant

Are you planning to build a new CHP plant or heating plant? We can help you. We have extensive experience working with plants of all sizes and with all types of fuels.

The first step when planning a new plant is to conduct a feasibility study to investigate the technical and economic conditions. The feasibility study includes:
analysis of the existing production
the network’s current and future power and energy needs
fuel studies
electricity retailing and electricity prices
which type of production plant is most suitable
adaptation of existing production and control systems
the size and profitability of the investment
policy measurements and taxes
conditions for environmental permits
preliminary layout and space requirements

The feasibility study forms the basis for the data you need to be able to make decisions about the investment. After making an investment decision, the next steps are detailed design and procurement.

We investigate measures at your existing plant

Do you have an existing plant that does not work optimally? Do you need to review your fuel choices and increase fuel flexibility? Should the plant be supplemented with another boiler? Whatever your needs, we investigate what measures you need to take in your existing plant. We also suggest different solutions.

The right environmental permits

Do you know what environmental permits are needed when implementing measures at the plant or building a new one? We can support the entire process, including:
reviewing existing environmental permits
contacting regulatory authorities
creating environmental documentation
environmental impact statement (EIS)

We have solid technical knowledge of combustion plants, flue gas treatment, and combustion technology. This, together with our environmental know-how, means that we have a strong understanding of the entire process and how it affects your plant. We guarantee smooth handling of your environmental permits.

We help with procurement

We produce complete procurement documents with technical specifications and help with evaluation, negotiation, and signing of contracts.

The right balance between new and old

Does your new equipment – such as a boiler, turbine, or flue gas treatment – need to be connected to the existing plant? We calculate, draw, and design the pipe systems that connect the systems to meet existing requirements.

We manage your combined heat & power project

We have experienced project managers who can help your organization when it is time to build. This means we can lead projects or subprojects related to flue gas treatment, boilers, and turbines.

How to optimize your plant with automation

We can upgrade your existing control systems – or the entire plant. We work with the most common control systems on the market with an on-demand service that includes:

We document in 3D

We can document your plants using 3D scanning and laser technology. The 3D model precedes the reality, which means you can solve problems before they come up. By combining 3D models from different suppliers into a common BIM model (building information modeling), we can perform tests that ensure that the various systems do not conflict with each other when connected in the plant.

Working with 3D scanning has several advantages such as:
fewer site visits
reduced risk of needing to add work outside the agreed contract
reduced risk of delays
–  getting an easy-to-understand picture of the end result

We support you with commissioning

Commissioning the plant is a critical phase, so it is very helpful to have experienced staff at this stage. We have senior consultants who can provide operational support to your existing staff for everything from short assignments to assisting for an entire operating season.

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