Combined Heat & Power

Does your company need help with matters relating to CHP and heat production?

FVB delivers complete solutions

We help you all the way when building or optimising heating plants and cogeneration plants.

Our complete solution includes:


Our feasibility study lays the foundation for your new plant. With extensive experience in all sizes and fuels, we create a detailed plan for your project.

  • Analysis of existing production
  • Future energy needs
  • Fuel study
  • Electricity trading and price
  • Optimal plant type
  • Size and profitability of the investment
  • Environmental permits and instruments
  • Preliminary layout and timetable

The feasibility study will be the basis for your investment decision and detailed design.

Investigation for Existing Plant

We investigate measures and propose solutions, whether it concerns an existing or new plant or whether it concerns questions about fuel selection or the addition of additional boilers.

Environmental Authorisation and Procurement

Guide you through the process of securing the necessary environmental permits, including reviewing existing permits and the application process. We create complete procurement documents and assist with evaluation and negotiation.

Integration and Project Management

Ensuring that new equipment, such as boilers and turbines, integrates seamlessly with existing facilities. Our experienced project managers can take on the role of lead project manager or sub-project manager, in areas such as flue gas cleaning, boilers and turbines.

Automation and Documentation

We upgrade your control systems and document the plant in detail with 3D scanning for smoother operation.

Commissioning support

Commissioning the plant is a critical phase. We have senior consultants who can provide operational support to your existing staff, ranging from short-term assignments to a full operational season.

With our technical expertise and broad portfolio of services, we are a reliable partner throughout the entire project lifecycle.

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