Combined Heat & Power

Double benefit from energy

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is an indisputably effective form of energy production, where electricity and heat are generated at the same time and with high overall efficiency. CHP is simply the best uses of primary resources. CHP can be built in both larger and smaller scale. It should be utilized wherever the conditions for this effective energy solutions are right. Sweden has the required conditions for further expansion of CHP, due to already installed district heating networks where a large part of the investments are already made.

Additional potential

CHP is now approaching the potential that was once predicted when the Swedish district heating systems began to expand in earnest. Strong incentives exist for further expansion of CHP. Extension of the power certificate system, restrictions for emissions, need for new environmentally friendly and efficient power generation, and a long-term increase in electricity prices are some examples. FVB is here for our clients. We identify and analyze the options and take advantage of tomorrow’s environmentally friendly technologies and economic conditions. FVB has taken an active part in the development of combined heat and power in Sweden as well as in the US, Canada and the Baltics. We now investigate conditions for CHP in Poland, England, Ireland and New Zealand.

Optimized systems - the key to success

The EU energy efficiency and emission goals will come into force for all member states. Energy production with minimum carbon footprint will undoubtedly be an important factor in achieving these goals. For maximum profitability, future combined heat and power plants must be built with great flexibility regarding fuels and heat load. FVB has actively participated in construction of the new generation flexible fuel combined heat and power plants that interact with district heating systems and industrial processes to achieve an optimized system.

System optimization

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Environmental gains

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