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Need help with heating and cooling solutions for buildings?

Heating and cooling solutions for buildings are becoming increasingly complicated, which increases the demand for comprehensive expertise in this area. We understand the entire energy system, from heating and cooling production to radiators and ventilation units. That’s why you can feel good about working with us, whether your goal is to improve the economics, solve problems, start a new project, rebuild, or get help complying with existing legal requirements. More efficient energy solutions are also better for the environment.

Get help with energy declarations or energy surveys

Most buildings are required to produce an energy declaration. The declaration must include energy class, energy performance, heating system, and any measures implemented to reduce energy use. An energy declaration must be produced by certified energy experts, which is what we are.

Large companies, regardless of industry, are required by law to produce an energy survey. It is more comprehensive than an energy declaration and must be done by certified energy surveyors, which is something we can provide.

After the energy declaration or energy survey, it’s time to proceed with the proposed measures to optimize your energy and power consumption. Sometimes it can be difficult to know which measures should be prioritized and who should implement them. We produce documentation for the procurement of contractors and make sure the right things are being done. As an independent consultant, we can also assist with the evaluation of tenders.

The price model can influence energy and power

Many energy companies have changed their pricing models so that they are based on real-time usage rather than accumulated usage. We are good at managing energy issues based on existing pricing models. To get you the best value out of your energy and power consumption, we can help with:
– feasibility studies
– investigations
– power optimization

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We introduced district cooling in Sweden

More and more building owners are demanding cooling. FVB introduced district cooling in Sweden in 1992 and is one of the country’s largest consulting companies in the field. We also have extensive knowledge in other cooling solutions such as heat-driven absorption cooling, compressor cooling, and sorption cooling. You can rest assured that we will choose the solution that best suits your needs.

Refrigerants are used to transfer heat and create cooling. For some time now, there has been a phasing out of refrigerants that do not comply with the EU’s revised F-gas directive, and many refrigerants are already banned. With our monitoring of regulations, you can be sure that your refrigerants are among those approved. We can also help with the conversion of existing cooling machines.

A comfortable indoor climate requires a holistic approach

A common problem is that tenants find it too cold indoors in the winter and too hot in the summer – or that the temperature fluctuates. The problems are often not only due to the radiators but also the ventilation system. A holistic approach is required to achieve a heating system with a smooth, even, and comfortable indoor climate. We can balance the heating system and also make air flow measurements.

Is it time to renew your culvert system?

If the culvert system for hot water between properties needs to be renewed, we can help you with:
– customer support for reinvestment
– feasibility studies
– procurement
– project planning
– inspection of the culvert system before and after the investment

We manage construction and coordinate projects

Need help with construction management and coordinating energy projects? About to extend a building or build a new one?
We can help you with:
– customer support
– construction management and coordinating projects
– leading kick-off meetings and construction meetings
– complying with existing requirements
– compiling documentation

Get help with project planning

When it’s time for project planning for heating, cooling, domestic hot water, hot water circulation, or ventilation, we can help you with:
– system solutions
– project planning
– design and dimensioning according to the needs of the property or process

Efficient customer facilities are becoming increasingly important

Do you have district heating and/or district cooling? It’s important that your control unit functions in the best possible way. We have worked with district heating for 50 years and know how customer facilities should be built for the best possible performance.

Adapting your customer facility to the actual consumption of the building has become increasingly important. Good cooling means you don’t have to pay temperature and flow charges, and you also don’t have to pay for oversized components.

Don’t waste resources

As climate regulation increase and energy prices rise, there are clear incentives to use energy efficiently so that the surplus doesn’t go out the chimney. There is also an increased interest from other actors in using waste heat from industries.

We survey your energy flows and offer suggestions on how the energy should be used in order to get the most out of it. For example, recycling the heat internally for use in your premises or processes. This can reduce both your need to purchase heat and the total steam consumption. We also investigate whether the heat can be sold to other customers, such as district heating companies that use industrial waste heat in their systems.

We have training courses on buildings and energy

Need to get a better understanding of energy issues? Together with Trainor, we offer the training course Energy efficiency improvement in buildings.. The training course focuses on how to make a property’s energy consumption more efficient without compromising a healthy indoor climate. The training also includes practical experiences such as user behavior, installations, and key figures.

In collaboration with Mid Sweden University, we also offer the course Energy systems of buildings. The course is worth 7.5 college credits and provides a basic technical understanding of the energy systems of buildings.

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