Knowledge of the entire energy system

Heating and cooling solutions in houses, flats and workplaces are getting increasingly more complicated, while demands for broad competence are also increasing. Our foremost asset when assisting a property owner is our knowledge of the complete energy system, from the production of heating and cooling, all the way to radiators and ventilation units.

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Energy savings

Energy use in buildings and premises is one of the most important issues for economics and the environment in both real estate and industry. In order to achieve energy efficiency, it is important to have knowledge of the entire chain from the choice of plant, energy skills, design, construction management and construction, operation and maintenance as well as risk management of person and process.

There are major benefits to be made by optimizing the total energy consumption of a building.

Our goal is to create lower costs, better indoor climate and reduced environmental impact.

Customer Installations

It has become increasingly important to adapt its customer base to the actual outlet of the property. Firstly, with a good cooling, do not pay the temperature and flow charges but also to not pay for oversized components.

FVB offers services for new construction, rebuilding and efficiency of both district heating and remote cooling plants as well as process-adapted facilities.

We have a solid experience of district heating and remote cooling and know how to build customer facilities to perform well at a low price


FVB develops system solutions and performs design, construction and dimensioning according to the property or process needs. Work environmentally designed with BAS-P competence.

Construction and project management

FVB builds and coordinates projects, leads start meetings and building meetings and drives projects ahead. We ensure compliance with standards and requirements and documentation.


FVB offers final inspection, warranty inspection and coordinated testing.


FVB provides documents for procurement of equipment and procurement of equipment. We are completely independent and can also help with bid evaluation.

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Water & Sewage

We have a sound knowledge of water treatment and supply in both municipal and industrial plants.

Our experience includes investigations, control system upgrades, nitrogen reduction projects and the construction and commissioning of everything from central monitoring systems to substations with associated communications, as well as long-term redevelopment and expansion projects encompassing water and sewage operations for entire municipalities.

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