District heating

District heating increase efficiency, protect our environment and contribute to a sustainable society. District heating means for us, among many other things, an opportunity for waste heat recovery with increased collaboration between local industry and the surrounding community. Innovative design in combination with efficient operation leads to reduced costs for both energy producers and property owners.

Expertise in export

FVB is a leading energy consultant in Scandinavia with over 40 years experience in the energy industry. Our goal is to provide customers with comprehensive solutions in our business: Heating, Cooling, Cogeneration and Processes. Through a large number of international assignments, FVB has brought leading Swedish district heating knowledge to new markets. Over the years we have built up a unique expertise and learned how to best adapt Swedish technology to local conditions, particularly in Central and Eastern Europe and in North America, markets with different economies, technology and environmental requirements.

Services provided

• Heat maps and strategic planning

• Market analyzes

• Project management

• Detail design of distribution piping systems, heat production plants and energy transfer station

• Procurement

• Inspection and commissioning


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Places where FVB contributed to District heating

Stockholm, Sweden

Gothenburg, Sweden

London, UK

Shannon, Ireland

Christchurch, New Zealand

St. Paul/Minneapolis, MN, USA

Rochester, NY, USA

Edmonton, Canada

Toronto, Canada

Chisinau, Moldova

Tallin, Estonia

Riga, Latvia