District heating

Does your company need help with district heating?

We are one of the largest consulting companies in district heating in Sweden

With over 50 years of experience in the industry. We can help you with:
project and construction management
optimizing the district heating system

We help with everything from feasibility studies to final documentation

Are you going to connect your city with an industrial facility or neighboring city? This applies to district heating lines located both below and above ground, such as in bridges and buildings. We can also help you with the construction of district heating lines in lakes and waterways.

Our feasibility study is an important first step

Are you up to date on the latest rules and regulations? We create the right foundation for construction. Your district heating lines have to be in the right place in the ground. When laying the pipes, you must not harm the environment and you must protect valuable archaeological objects. In the feasibility study, we make sure there is a viable path for the intended lines. We also take the area’s environment and cultural history into account.

The right foundation for construction

Once you have decided to implement a pipe-laying project, we produce the proper foundation for construction documents.
We can help you with:
making input measurements
designing in 3D
producing procurement documentation
evaluating tenders
producing construction documents
construction management

fjärrvärme med fvbGet exact measurements with drones

Our drones can help you make measurements prior to designing or documenting ground surfaces/lines. We have certified drone pilots and the skills needed to analyze and interpret the results. Using drones, we also perform measurements prior to designing lines. With a professional GPS, we can reach an accuracy of just a few centimeters.

Properly documenting the network

Your district heating network needs to be properly documented. The documentation must contain technical and historical information about the district heating network. We have worked with the documentation program Faciplus for many years. We also work with evaluation and procurement of geographic information systems (GIS). When implementing a new GIS, we can help with corrections and adjustments.

An optimized system becomes more profitable

Do you want a district heating system that is more profitable and better for the environment? Our analytics group specializes in optimizing the district heating system’s supply and return temperatures.
We can help you with:
operational optimization
system analysis
system efficiency
We also inventory properties and offer suggestions on how you can get better cooling. Do you need to know how the network works in different operational cases and what you can do to optimize it? We perform pressure drop calculations for both planned and existing systems.

Maintenance saves money

When is the best time to make investments in your existing district heating network? We can find out. We have developed a planning model for reinvestments in district heating networks. The model can be used when implementing other measures in a street or in the field. Based on the damage risk analysis, we can create a long-term strategy for maintaining and renewing the district heating network. This way, your investment will last longer – which will benefit both your company and your customers.

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