Water & Sewage

We have a sound knowledge of water treatment and supply in both municipal and industrial plants.

Our experience includes investigations, control system upgrades, nitrogen reduction projects and the construction and commissioning of everything from central monitoring systems to substations with associated communications, as well as long-term redevelopment and expansion projects encompassing water and sewage operations for entire municipalities.

Water purification

Whether the water comes from industrial or municipal sewage networks, purification is a complex and important process. The range of functions and the requirements for reliability and accuracy are as extensive as in the field of industrial and production engineering. Given the requirements for reporting emission levels for watercourses and lakes, the availability of functions for reliably and accurately collecting and presenting process values is a major factor when selecting monitoring systems and field equipment.

Energy savings

A facility for controlling the speed of pumps and fans can generate considerable power savings and is a standard feature in the automatic operation of continuous installations. We plan for, deliver and install your preferred make of engine.

Total flow measurement

Chemicals used in most water treatment plants can be relatively expensive. The quantity of chemicals required often depends on the total flow through the plant. Smaller plants often lack a reliable means of measuring flow. By introducing meters that measure the total flow of water sewage, the quantity of chemicals can be adjusted as required, thereby reducing costs. We supply complete systems for accurate flow measurement and dosing of chemicals.


Although treatment plants tend to be spread out over a large area throughout which communications are more or less viable, it should be possible to reach every part of the facility in real time. We offer complete solutions for communications, whichever technology you choose.

Upgrades of older systems

We offer effective options for replacing pre-installed systems, which include rewriting existing programs, installation and commissioning.

Water purification

Energy savings

Flow measurement


Water agitator
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Preliminary studies and economic analyses


Design of underground pipes

Project management

Construction management

Measurement with drones

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Control system upgrades

Communications solutions

Monitoring of treatment plants

Nitrogen reduction projects

Construction and commissioning

Long-term redevelopment and expansion projects