Water & Sewage

Does your company or municipality need help with water and sewage?

We have extensive experience in the fields of Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants, Storm & Surface Water, as well as External Water & Sewage, encompassing both industrial and municipal facilities. Tailoring our solutions to your requirements, we offer efficient and environmentally friendly approaches to water and wastewater management.

Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants – efficient Water Purification and Supply

We streamline your facility, optimizing everything from wastewater treatment plants to the production and distribution of Biogas, Vehicle gas, LBG and Hydrogen. Additionally, we provide expertise in various automation and real-time communication solutions for water and wastewater facilities.
Learn more about our services in Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants.

Storm & Surface Water – sustainable Management

In a world experiencing more frequent extreme weather events, preparation is crucial. We assist you in everything from stormwater mapping to identify vulnerable areas to proposing solutions for optimal stormwater systems.
Learn more about our services in Storm & Surface Water.

External Water & Sewage – building for the Future

Whether you need to renovate or expand your pipeline system, we are experts in designing water and sewage pipelines with consideration for both the environment and cultural history.
Learn more about our services in External Water & Sewage.

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