Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants

Does your company or municipality need help with water and sewage?

We have extensive knowledge in water treatment and water supply in both industrial and municipal plants. We can help you with:
– investigations
– analyses
– design
– energy efficiency of your plants
– control systems and monitoring of your plants

More efficient plants = reduced energy consumption

Do you use too much energy in your wastewater treatment plant? We can find out and provide concrete suggestions on how the plant can be made more energy efficient. Aeration basins are very energy-intensive for wastewater treatment. Pumps and pressure build-up also consume a lot of energy. We make sure the operation of the plant is as efficient as possible, resulting in reduced energy consumption.

The other energy component of wastewater treatment plants is the actual wastewater. It is often lukewarm, but the temperature can be increased with heat pumps. The heat can then be used in nearby district heating systems or in your facility. We investigate whether and how this matches your system.

Sludge can be converted to biogas

Do you have anaerobic digesters in your treatment plant? If you are thinking about renovating or changing your agitation, we can help with the investigation. We can investigate your conditions for efficient use of flue gas, your own heating needs, district heating production, and perhaps upgrading to be able to produce vehicle fuel. We also design the gas system for the solution that works best.

Read more about how we work with Biogas, Vehicle gas, LBG and Hydrogen

Biogas uppgradering

Optimized control systems

Does your plant have the right types of control and monitoring systems that work optimally and meet IT security requirements? We can either replace and upgrade existing control systems or design and deliver new control systems for the plant. Of course, we make sure the systems meet all IT security requirements.

With the right monitoring and data management equipment, it will also be easier to submit the right reports to government agencies.

If there are problems with the control or monitoring, just contact us and we will take a look at the problem.

The right communication at the right time

Do your plants need to communicate with each other and is it important to be able to access different parts in real time? Solutions for communication between water and sewage systems can be a problem, especially if they are scattered and remote. We have experience with many different communication solutions and can help you.

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