Electricity & Automation is a wider concept than automation and control engineering and, together with pure upgrades, we have become experts at optimizing existing control systems and entire plants.

Ready-to-use functional deliveries

We work with the most widely used control systems on the market, with ready-to-use functional deliveries that include construction, programming, commissioning and documentation.

Effective handling

We connect individual functions in a production process, creating a superior system with a clear interface for the user.

Effective handling and documentation of historical production and process data create a solid foundation for wise decisions for the future.

Vatten avlopp

Water & Sewage

We have a sound knowledge of water treatment and supply in both municipal and industrial plants.

Our experience includes investigations, control system upgrades, nitrogen reduction projects and the construction and commissioning of everything from central monitoring systems to substations with associated communications, as well as long-term redevelopment and expansion projects encompassing water and sewage operations for entire municipalities.

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Examples of our services

Analyses and feasibility studies

Project management and installation management

System and operational optimization


Functional deliveries


System upgrades

Documentation and training

Production and environmental reports

Programming of PLC and SCADA

Software development in .NET, SQL etc.

Communication solutions