Electrical & Automation

Need to upgrade your control systems? Or optimize control and monitoring systems in an entire plant?

With our specialist expertise in electricity and automation, we can help customers in a variety of sectors such as energy, industry, buildings and facilities, and water and sewage.
We can help you with:
– feasibility studies
– electrical design
– application calculations
– programming
– communication solutions
– guides for control system processes

We can also assist with:
– project management
– construction management
– optimization of control and regulation
– configuration of systems (control systems, servers, fieldbuses, networks, etc.)
– installation management
– plant commissioning
– documentation

Do you have the right controls?

We offer several different services and solutions with industrial automation for system control. These services include the technical areas of construction, programming, commissioning, and documentation.

Eliminate communication problems!

Getting different facilities to communicate with each other can be problematic, especially if they are scattered and remote and need to communicate in real time. This is an especially common issue for the water and sewage sector. We have various solutions to guarantee stable communications.

There is also an increasing risk of unauthorized access to communication systems. We have special expertise in secure systems and see security as a central part of all our solutions.

el och automation med FVB

Old systems become like new

Time to upgrade your old control and monitoring systems? We can help with everything from the latest software to improving accessibility and functions. Sometimes it can be difficult to obtain spare parts, but we always make sure you get an updated system.

We also perform lifetime analyses for control and monitoring systems, meaning we map and rate different parts of the system based on availability and support from the supplier. These analyses enable you to plan maintenance in a structured way.

Electrical designs need foundations

We can help you with drawings for electrical designs. We also supply control and electrical cabinets.

The right documentation makes for wise decisions

To be able to make smart decisions for the future, it’s important to have effective management and documentation of historical production and process data in real time. We can help with this. We also connect separate functions in a production process to a parent system with a clear interface.

We optimize operations and take responsibility for restarting

Our company’s combined skills makes us strong in operational optimization. We make sure you can run the plant in the most efficient and reliable way. Our programmers are also good at processes, so they are there when the systems are being restarted after an upgrade. This is the last important piece for everything to go according to plan.

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