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Borås invests millions in a new CHP plant

Investing in CHP and a sewage treatment plant creates synergy effects and environmental benefits. The sewage treatment plant has a sludge and biogas facility and opened ...

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An innovative solution enables large-scale storage of renewable district heating

Two huge rock caverns. One is now filled with water and together the two will act as an accumulator tank and increase the CHP plant’s ...

Power conservation in single-family homes yields benefits for the economy and the environment

Daphne Berenskiöld chose to do her thesis while at FVB. This choice also led to her getting the award for best thesis from Swedvac. Her ...

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FVB contributes and is involved with a new CHP block taking shape

In 2020, Mälarenergi’s new CHP block, Block 7, will be completed in Västerås. Resources from FVB are involved in Mälarenergi’s project organization and work with ...

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FVB contributes to cooperation between the business community and colleges

At Gävle College, there is the Cooperative Education program, Co-op, which is a program where studies are interspersed with periods of work in the business ...

New faces at FVB

We have gotten 7 new employees since the last issue of the FVB newsletter.   Zahir Ismail Zahir has been employed with the distribution group in Malmö since ...

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District heating vs. Heat pumps

In recent years, many district heating companies have worked hard to strengthen the relationship with their customers. In many cases, Prisdialogen, digital tools such as ...

Message from the CEO

“Major investments are being made in Borås and Västerås. Two exciting renewal projects focusing on CHP and renewable energy production.” Not only is Borås Energi & ...

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New office locations

• The Gothenburg office has moved 300 m in Gårda to a new, larger space. At this location, we now have the opportunity for a ...

New certified Energy Experts

FVB now has four certified Energy Experts. In addition to the already-certified David Ekström and Johan Söderberg in Stockholm, Peter Dyhre and Pär Nilsson at the Sundsvall office are now certified. The Energy Experts prepare energy declarations for buildings and/or perform the checks needed to verify that requirements for energy conservation and heat insulation are met

Drone assignment

FVB has gotten a large assignment from Eon in Örebro to create documentation of newly-built district heating pipes using a drone. The flight is done before refilling and includes both surveying and photography. Eon has asked us to do this for all major new construction projects, regardless of the consultant hired for the planning. André Larsson is one of our two drone pilots and he works on this assignment along with Rickard Skogsdal and Clas Hammarlund. In the next issue, you can read more about these assignments.

Work, inspiration, and awards at this year’s FVB Day

On Friday, September 14, all of FVB gathered for the traditional FVB day. This year, the conference was held at Steam Hotel in Västerås. As usual, the day was filled with useful information as well as coffee and cookies. In the morning, we refined our work processes in smaller groups. After a tasty lunch attended by FVB’s Board, we got a great presentation from the entire Board and from our talented external Board members. Most of the afternoon was devoted to a fast-paced inspirational lecture from the trend spotter Johnny Sundin titled “Love What You Don’t Know – Yet.” In the evening we toured the old steam power plant, visited the spa and had a nice dinner. During dinner, prizes were awarded to FVB employees. The winners this year were Maria Rosenlöf Jonasson, Employee of the Year, and Todd Sivertsson, Coworker of the Year. We also celebrated some of FVB’s faithful employees who have worked here 30 years or more.