FVB-News 45: Message from the CEO

Major investment in district cooling in Sundsvall. FVB puts its sustainability work into words. The focus is on sustainability in this FVB newsletter.

Sundsvall Energi will build a district cooling network. They are far from the first to make such an investment, but the solution, where Sundsvall will combine free cooling with absorption cooling via their district heating system, is very well planned. It is a concept that is technically, economically, and environmentally sustainable. For FVB, who was involved in introducing district cooling in Sweden almost 30 years ago, it is an honour to take a leading role in Sundsvall Energy’s exciting project. The project requires expertise in both district cooling and district heating. It also requires experience and knowledge in how to manage a complex infrastructure project. It is very inspiring that the end result is an even smarter and more sustainable Sundsvall.

New technical opportunities arise in the age of digitalisation. One example of this is 3D scanning in connection with project design in an existing facility. It is exciting that FVB can now offer customers cost-effective documentation of their existing facilities in 3D. There are many benefits to 3D scanning and several risks connected to project design can be reduced or even eliminated. The benefits of 3D scanning are both long-term and sustainable, which is reinforced by the fact that you can also use the documentation for future projects. FVB has seen rapid development in this area and there is a high demand from customers.

Another area where FVB experiences high demand is support for compliance with AFS 2017:3 (use and inspection of pressurised devices). This is a priority area. It is important for the facility owner to comply with the regulation and avoid getting hit by the Swedish Work Environment Authority. But just as important is to prevent accidents in the workplace. The regulation in question contains stricter requirements in several different areas. It requires a structured approach in combination with knowledge of both the regulation and the process to make sure the business can run safely and effectively. FVB is ready to help more customers with this important task!

There are also new requirements for certification of boiler operators connected to AFS 2017:3. It is most welcome that FVB, together with Teknikutbildarna, now offers boiler operator training before certification. The goal of the training is not only to pass the certification but also to learn how to develop the operation of boilers to achieve better operational reliability. In other words, sustainable energy production.

Sustainability is discussed everywhere these days, including at FVB’s annual employee conference. FVB has focused on sustainability for a long time, but we wanted to put into words which sustainability aspects affect us the most and the UN global sustainability goals we contribute to. The result of this discussion was FVB’s sustainability pyramid. Our sustainability work begins internally, or as the pyramid shows, with a foundation that grows upward. The foundation of FVB’s sustainability work is our company, with broad employee ownership and an emphasis on a positive working environment and making the workplace attractive. This is what we call sustainable business. Through sustainable actions, we can deliver sustainable results. At the top of the pyramid, we reach the overall goal of community builders: sustainable cities and communities.

Being an attractive workplace is something we value highly at FVB. This requires a positive corporate culture that is constantly being developed. As a business leader, you can never take anything for granted. The epithet “attractive workplace” has to be earned every day. A look at this FVB Newsletter gives some hope. FVB has never hired as many new employees as in 2019. When employees like Amanda Jansson colourfully and positively describe how much she enjoys her job, her optimism is contagious. Not only is she a good ambassador for FVB, she also acts as a source of inspiration for young girls thinking about their future educational and professional choices, which is good for our entire industry. Speaking of role models, it’s always fun to choose the “Employees of the Year.” There are so many wonderful and talented employees here at FVB!

Another important thing about developing a company is to make sure you have a suitable organisation. This FVB Newsletter shows how FVB has recently implemented some changes to the organisation. We hope these changes will benefit both our customers and our employees.

After a summer that seemed unusually average, we have now stepped into the winter season. Nowadays, you wonder before every change of season, what’s going to come? Will it be a cold winter? Will we have a power shortage in the electrical supply? Climate effects mixed with political chess moves add to the mix. A heavy increase in the carbon tax on fossil cogeneration was on the verge of endangering the electrical supply in several of our major cities. But this threat seems to have been temporarily averted in various creative ways. We are now expecting a waste incineration tax to be introduced. A tax no one wants and which, according to many experts, may have negative environmental effects instead of the opposite.

Christmas is drawing near. Don’t forget to solve FVB’s Christmas puzzle. All of us at FVB want to take the opportunity to wish all our customers a Merry Christmas and a sustainable Happy New Year!

Leif Breitholtz, CEO of FVB.

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