FVB Malmö – at the center of the action

FVB Malmö
The Swedish tour, where we visit FVB offices around the country, has come to Malmö. They are experts in distribution here – whether it’s district heating, district cooling, or gas.

The office was established in 2017 and is located in central Malmö. This is in the middle of an expansive region. Customers include E.ON, Öresundskraft and Kraftringen. 

“We have six employees at our office in Malmö, and our plan is to grow further. The future looks very bright, and we see great potential to grow in this region,” says Lennart Larsson, who is the Office Manager. 

“Our strength is in distribution for district heating, district cooling, and urban gas. Our staff has both extensive experience and cutting-edge expertise,” says Lennart Larsson.

This is evident in the many assignments we currently have in district heating distribution. These include two projects with low-temperature district heating. One is in Lund, where Kraftringen is building one of the world’s largest low-temperature systems for district heating, and where waste heat from the research facility MAX IV will supply the entire Brunnshög district. The other project is being done by HEM in Halmstad, where a new district will get a district heating system of 65 degrees Celsius, which will be based on the innovative system developed at Halmstad University. 

“We are also working with assignments involving reinvestments in old networks, where it is good to have a history and experience with these systems. We are active across the spectrum in district heating development,” says Lennart Larsson.

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