New HR Manager at FVB

Marianne Brolin, you are the new HR Manager at FVB and join us from the Swedish Pensions Agency. What tempted you to join FVB?
"It sounded like an exciting job and it is a new role within the company, including acting as qualified managerial support across the entire HR area. I also thought it sounded tempting to return to the consultancy industry and to a company working with issues that are at the fore right now. I've worked with HR in various forms for many years, including with recruitment and management development for various management groups. I've also developed skills supply strategies with new methods and developed recruitment processes in a highly competitive market. I will use my previous experience in a progressive manner in my role at FVB."

What will be the first thing you do in your new job?
"Get to know the business and develop more comprehensive processes for recruitment. I will also create a structured recruitment process to make us a more attractive employer and quality-assure the evaluation phases as we recruit."

FVB needs a number of new recruits. What skills are you primarily looking for?
"Engineers within all our business areas."

There is stiff competition out there. Why should anyone come to work for us?
"What's unique about FVB is that the company is employee owned and all permanent employees, regardless of their role, have the option to buy in. The company consists of skilled, engaged employees and has a positive work environment. Most have worked here for many years, and some have even returned after leaving, which only emphasises how attractive FVB is as an employer. It's a flat organisation, which means employees can take part in the company in many ways. It's also a very successful company with a strong brand, which is growing organically. The company has good values, provides a good work environment and emphasises the well-being of its employees both on and off the job. The employees are the company's most important resource!"

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