Variation and development in a familiar environment

Amanda Jansson knew she wanted to be an engineer from an early age. But it wasn’t until high school that she decided to become a structural engineer. She never regretted it.

“There is nothing better than solving technical problems, planning, and implementing a project,” says Amanda, who works in the office in Västerås.

“To see how the results grow and help contribute to developing society’s infrastructure feels important to me.”

Lots of variation

Amanda is 30 years old and is in her eighth year at FVB, where she started right after college. Her job is to design the distribution lines for district heating and district cooling.

It’s a varied job with everything from small projects to planning major developments or reorganising existing systems.

No two workdays are the same. One day, Amanda creates plans at the office and the next day she is out at the construction site or in meetings to coordinate various solutions.

“In big projects, I’m just part of the whole but still get to be involved from the beginning and see how a green space develops into a new part of society, for example,” says Amanda.

“Even though I might be doing a project by myself, my colleagues are always close at hand. I can bounce ideas off them and they will support me if I get stuck.”

Part of the team

Amanda doesn’t see any problem with transitioning from school to the workplace.

“I’ve enjoyed every year and it was easy to become part of the team.”

She also thinks it’s good that more and more women are entering the industry.

“Even though it’s not like this at FVB, men are still somewhat overrepresented in the industry,” says Amanda.

“I was warmly received at FVB and my introductory period went well. The whole group was prepared to welcome me, and I had the chance to quickly get to know them and get going on my work,” says Amanda.

Inspiring colleagues

Amanda would encourage others to apply for a job at FVB, no matter their age or gender. 

“FVB is a very family-like company, even though we’re growing and getting more employees. It’s a workplace that feels cosy and welcoming. I meet inspiring people every day, which makes every day fun.”

She would like to recommend that other girls get a technical education and thinks it is one of the best things she has done.

“It offers a whole smorgasbord of things to work with and there are plenty of exciting opportunities for development both in the industry in general and here at FVB,” Amanda concludes.

More information:
Amanda Jansson, +46 (0)21 81 80 68

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