Safer and more efficient district heating deliveries through new lines in Jönköping

Jönköping Energi wants district heating production to be concentrated to its plant in Torsvik.

FVB got the assignment, which includes both transit lines and pump stations.

Jönköping Energi has a long-term strategic plan to eventually be able to phase out production plants in central Jönköping. To do this, delivery reliability has to be reinforced and all production concentrated to Torsvik.

Investment decision in December

In autumn 2018, FVB conducted a feasibility study for building a transit line between Torsvik and central Jönköping. The line will supplement the existing line that was built in 2004.

Tobias Seborn, Office Manager at FVB in Linköping, is the project manager of the project, together with Leif Norberg.

“We were asked to do a feasibility study and then detailed planning in August of last year,” says Tobias. It is now completed, and a decision on an in-depth feasibility study and detailed planning was made in December 2018. We are now working on the detailed planning and before autumn, we will produce a basis for an investment decision in late 2019.

In addition to the transit line from Torsvik to Jönköping, the project also consists of two pump stations along the route.
Fredrik Nilsson at FVB in Västerås is the project manager for the pump stations.

“This is part of a long-term strategic investment by Jönköping Energi, as they both have to do with streamlining production and increasing delivery reliability.”

Challenges along the route

A third of the approximately 13-kilometer line runs through forest and farmland and the rest runs through urban environment. According to Tobias, there are some challenges along the route,.

“For one thing, the line has to pass under a traffic junction along Highway E4 and under Highway 40. The route also contains a railway crossing and some other difficult areas,” says Tobias.

Both Tobias and Fredrik agree that the cooperation with the client is working well.

“It’s about producing the best solution for the customer in every aspect: technically, economically and environmentally,” Tobias concludes.

For more information:
Tobias Seborn, 013-25 09 43

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