Ice cream factory heats animal hospital with energy solution from E.ON

SIA Glass, together with Hallands Djursjukhus in Slöinge, have signed an ectogrid agreement with E.ON. The technology is modern and energy efficient for heating and cooling, and customers own their own local energy system.

E.ON’s ectogrid concept is based on a fairly simple principle. The excess heat emitted by a cooling machine can be used in a heat pump and the excess cooling from the heat pump can then be used in the cooling machine. There is thus a balance of heating and cooling in the property, which leads to a significantly reduced need for supplied energy. Excess flows with low temperatures are normally not recovered, instead they are blown away. Thanks to ectogrid, properties with a heat surplus can share it with properties that need heat. This is done with a simple plastic pipe system. This solution has been implemented in Slöinge, where the SIA ice cream factory has a heat surplus which is now used by Hallands Djursjukhus.

FVB in Malmö has been commissioned to be the construction manager for the distribution lines in the ground for this exciting project.

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