FVB is expanding in the UK

We are expanding our global business and opening a new office in Reading, just west of London.

The company is called FVB District Energy UK Ltd and is a subsidiary of FVB Sverige AB.

With 50 years of experience in the heating and energy industry, both in Sweden and globally, this establishment outside London is another step on the road to continued growth in the UK. The new office also means that FVB has hired a few people to run the business in collaboration with Swedish personnel.

Good timing

The timing of the opening is also appropriate, as the UK has identified district heating as a key part of its strategy for reducing carbon emissions. This investment is partially made through state funding.

“It is important that our business operations in the UK maintain their roots from the Swedish operations and the branch will thus become an English-Swedish operation. This way, we make sure we get the best from both markets,” says Ola Nordgren, Managing Director of the operation.

To form strong ties between the branches, the operations in the UK will also have the support of Swedish resources to supplement the engineers based in the UK.

“We continue to strengthen FVB’s brand, efficiency and ability to be at the cutting edge, and we always strive to ensure that our customers get the most sustainable solutions in regards to technology, economy and the environment,” says Ola Nordgren.

Besides Ola, Peter Russett will also work as General Manager of daily operations in the UK.

For more information:
Ola Nordgren
+46 (0)70 643 44 33

Peter Russett
+44 (0) 7545 074 466

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