Expanded cooperation with Mid Sweden University

Mid Sweden University is expanding its cooperation with FVB. This means that even more students will be educated about what is happening in the energy sector. Since 2009, FVB has trained students in the Energy Engineering program in Energy Efficient HVAC and Building Energy Systems. Starting this year, FVB is also participating in the courses Power and Heating Systems and System Modeling.

Mid Sweden University offers an educational program with an emphasis on systems, which means developing and managing energy systems for production of heat and electricity. This includes everything from electricity generation, district heating, and industrial systems to small-scale versions such as heat pumps, solar energy, and wind turbines, giving the students a solid foundation. Extensive cooperation with companies, organizations, and government agencies gives the educational program an edge and contributes to an increased focus on systems.

“Educating students at the university level is rewarding, demanding, and educational,” says Stefan Ellmin at the Sundsvall office, who teaches Building Energy Systems.

“The university is a wonderful environment with smart and inquisitive people who want to know everything and more. Even though I no longer dominate in deriving thermodynamic processes, I can add a good combination of theory and practice to the program, seasoned with experience from completed projects. The students usually appreciate it.”

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