Employees of the Year

Entrepreneur of the Year 2020 - David Jonsson
An outstanding effort to get the work with 3D-scanning plants off the ground. With great humility and knowledge of the systems, he has made sure that FVB has gotten a new product in its service portfolio.

Boundary Breaker of the Year - Joel Sandberg
Motivation and willingness to develop in the various technical areas and geographic markets leads to an understanding of the energy systems as a whole and contributes to a fantastic firm-wide approach.

Consultant of the Year 2020 - Johan Backman
A committed employee with great technical competence, he is thorough and methodical, instructive, and trustworthy. With great patience and helpfulness, he makes sure that the underground winds up on top. The optimal consultant.

Problem Solver of the Year 2020 - Robin Kelkkanen
Someone who always shares and makes everything difficult easy. Develops methods in AutoCad and Excel that simplify the lives of all his colleagues. Simply a superb problem solver.

Cutting-Edge Expert of the Year 2020 - Kristin Åkerlund
She delivers assignments of the highest class with great pleasure. Accuracy, positivity, and spreading joy make working with her both educational and fun. A true cutting-edge expert.

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