Boiler operator training before certification

In December 2017, a new regulation was issued by the Swedish Work Environment Authority. It is called Use and Inspection of pressurised devices AFS 2017:3 (see article on page 5).

According to AFS 2017:3, the employer must ensure that at least one of the people participating in the monitoring of boilers in class A or B must be a certified boiler operator. The employer must also ensure that the boiler operator has the knowledge and skills required for operation of the specific boiler. Certification is issued by a certification body.

In collaboration with Teknikutbildarna, FVB holds boiler operator training before certification. Teknikutbildarna in turn has developed a certification exam in collaboration with RISE that is taken in connection with the training.

The training sessions are held either at Teknikutbildarna’s offices in Solna or at the customer’s site.

The regulations regarding personal certification take effect on December 1, 2020 for boilers in category 1-2. For boilers in category 3-4, the regulations take effect on December 1, 2022.

The training FVB holds covers the requirements established in AFS 2017:3 concerning a boiler operator’s knowledge.

In addition to passing the certification, the goal of the training for boiler operators is for the participants to learn to develop the operation of the boiler to achieve increased operational reliability and safe production.

A sample of the content of the Energy and Heat Learning course

  • SI units
  • Degrees of efficiency and duration
  • Heat transfer and phase conversion

Safety regulations

  • Insight into regulations and applicable AFS’
  • Risks and risk assessments
  • ATEX work in explosive environments

Boiler systems and equipment 

  • Various types of boilers
  • Combustion technology
  • Pressurised containers, boiler components and structure
  • Air and flue gas systems
  • Governance and rules
  • Water treatment

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