Active retirement club in Västerås

In the early 2000s, several FVBers started to reach retirement age. Some had worked at the company for 25-30 years and some had been involved since the beginning in 1970, when the average age was around 25.

After so many years of having been involved in building up a successful company in an exciting and expansive industry, the new retirees felt that a retirement club was needed.

In November 2006, some of the new retirees gathered to make it formal. And as old businesspeople, the club ended up with articles of association, a standing agenda and recorded minutes. The club has four meetings a year.

It was originally 3 people, but today there are 17 retirees on the member list. The influx is about 1-2 people a year and there haven’t been any departures yet.

Björn Jansson, initiator and permanent secretary of the club, says:

“We discuss everything from the geopolitical situation to the day’s weather. Some of the standing items on the agenda are to report on recreational activities, which is everything from gym, walks and skiing to choir, painting and ironworking.

7 seniors at a meeting. Back row from the left: Björn Jansson, Nils-Göran Nordqvist, Christer Larsson. Front row from the left: Anna-Greta Berggren, Björn Andersson, Göran Arvelius and Barbro Arvidsson.

It’s also important to report on ‘renovations’ that have been done, such as knee and hip replacements, or cataract surgery.

At least twice a year, the members meet to eat dinner at a restaurant in Västerås, sometimes combined with an activity like a cultural exhibit, horse races or miniature golf.  

“The club is a valued meeting place for keeping in touch with old colleagues. By having the meetings at the office, we also meet former colleagues and keep up-to-date on what’s happening in the industry and the company,” Björn concludes.

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