A festive 50th anniversary in digital format

New ways of thinking and problem solving is something that FVB’s staff is used to. That was also what was required when the company celebrated its 50th anniversary – in the middle of a pandemic.

“We had booked a trip to Bruges for the entire staff to celebrate FVB’s 50th anniversary, but with the corona pandemic, we had to rethink that. The solution was an untraditional but festive celebration,” says Ulrika Petersson at FVB, who was the coordinator for the anniversary.

FVB’s journey started 50 years ago when Birger Abrahamson founded FVB in Västerås. It was also in Västerås that the 50th anniversary took place in September. The company’s CEO Leif Breitholtz, Deputy CEO Per Skoglund, Anna Larsson (group manager), and Ulrika Petersson were on site at Aros Congress Center, along with moderator Janne Bylund. The audience, which is to say the staff at FVB, participated via Zoom. Everyone was ready to toast!

“We sent out glasses, champagne, and chocolate to the entire staff. We also made it clear that they were participating in an anniversary celebration, not a conference. Some had dressed up and had balloons and streamers in place,” says Ulrika Petersson.

The day was filled with competitions, videos, customer interviews, entertainment, and even mingling – albeit digitally. But of course, we also presented the company’s journey since 1970 as well as important milestones. So that no one would forget which decade the company started in, both Leif Breitholtz and Per Skoglund came out on stage dressed in period garb with long sideburns.

“FVB has had a very exciting and successful journey over the 50 years we have been in business. That we could both see and hear old FVBers talk about important events over the 50-year journey with the help of digital tools reinforced the impressions in a positive way,” says Leif Breitholtz.

He emphasized the employees’ commitment and high competence as important success factors, but also that the company is employee-owned. Some of the staff got special mentions during the celebration.

“Every year, we award prizes to Employees of the Year and it was extra fun that during this anniversary we were able to award this prize to no fewer than five fantastic employees,” says Leif Breitholtz.

Important events over the years

FVB (Fjärrvärmebyrån) is founded.

Office established in the US.

FVB designs the first modern hot water system in the US in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Office in Stockholm opens.

FVB becomes employee-owned.
FVB conducts the first cooling study that establishes the Swedish district cooling market.

Subsidiary established in Edmonton, Canada.

Office in Borås opens. Strong investment in research and analysis.
An office also opens in Nyköping.

Office in Toronto opens.

FVB contributes to an adjunct professorship in district heating system technology at Chalmers University.

Expansion in Linköping through the acquisition of TD Tech AB.

Office in Gävle opens.

FVB Fjärrvärmebyrån changes its name to FVB Sverige AB.

Expansion in Sundsvall through the acquisition of Rega Energiplanering AB.

Office in Bahrain established.

Continued expansion in Nyköping through the acquisition of ZW Energiteknik AB. 

Office in Vancouver opens.

Office in Örebro opens.

Office in Gothenburg opens.

Office in Ottawa opens.

Companies in the UK established.

Offices in Malmö and Reading open.

FVB turns 50 years old.

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