We want to expand our knowledge in the water and sewer field

FVB is a knowledgeable and active player in the water and sewer market. Now we want to expand this business area. This means both developing our business and hiring people in the water and sewer field.

The Swedish water and sewer network is in great need of expansion and repair. There is also a growing demand for lower emissions, better operation and performance and better safety systems.

FVB currently has broad skills within parts of the water and sewer field. This applies to electricity and automation, biogas, natural gas and designing underground lines.

“We need to strengthen our resources and skills in processing and construction and within dimensioning and regulations for water and sewer lines,” says Per Stegberg, who heads up this initiative.

The company has gotten a lot of positive feedback from existing customers that we are now ramping up in this area.

The need to add cutting-edge skills in certain areas is not unique to FVB. Right now, there is a shortage of several professional groups in the technical field.

“The company is big enough to flex its muscles when needed, while also being just big enough for everyone who works here to feel seen and appreciated,” says Peter.

“Our extensive experience along with being in several locations makes us interesting as an employer.”

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