New employees at FVB

We have hired seven new employees since the last issue of the FVB Newsletter.

Gustav Myhrman

Gustav has been hired at our office in Västerås since October to run our operations in water and sewage going forward. In addition to developing our offerings in water and sewage and pipeline design, Gustav will work with project and assignment management in water and sewage and stormwater treatment. Gustav most recently comes from a role as project manager and stormwater specialist at Mälarenergi. He has also previously worked at Sweco and has a Master of Science in Engineering in environmental and water technology.


Kristina Sandström

Kristina has been employed at our office in Malmö since the summer. She most recently comes from Sweco and primarily works with design of distribution lines for district heating and district cooling.


Bodil Strömqvist

Bodil Strömqvist has been employed at our office in Sundsvall since mid-June, where she primarily works with properties and design of distribution lines. Bodil has recently completed her education as an energy engineer at Mid Sweden University.


Pontus Person

Pontus has a degree in energy technology from the University of Gävle. After a 40 week-long internship, summer work, and a degree project completed with FVB in Gävle, he has now been employed at the same office since the summer of 2021. Pontus works with investigation, design, construction, procurement, network calculation, etc. within district heating and district cooling distribution.

Julia Engelfeldt

Julia has been employed in the distribution group at our office in Västerås since mid-September. She will primarily work with the design of distribution lines for district heating and district cooling. Julia recently graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering in construction engineering.


Johan Pettersson

Johan Pettersson has been the head of the Production group at the Stockholm office since September 1. Johan has worked at FVB before and has now returned after 6 years at the consulting company ALSA. Johan has extensive experience from production plants for heating and cooling, primarily from projects at Värtaverket in Stockholm, and his focus will now be on developing and expanding the group within all our service areas. Johan’s predecessor, Per Skoglund, remains as head of the Stockholm office.

Peter Bergkvist

Peter has been employed in the distribution group in Stockholm since September and most recently comes from Stockholm Exergi. Peter has 32 years of experience from the district heating industry and works as a construction manager for distribution lines and as a consultant in maintenance of district heating lines.


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