New course! The district heating of tomorrow – market, system function, economy

Our brand-new district heating course is aimed at experienced district heating professionals who want to gain insight into the future of heating and cooling markets and the role district heating systems can play in a different energy system.

Over two days with Halmstad University’s highly qualified Professor Emeritus Sven Werner as a guide, the interconnection between the market, system functions, and the economy are explained.

The course fee includes coffee, lunch, and fruit, as well as the textbooks “Fjärrvärme och fjärrkyla” (“District heating and district cooling”), Svend Fredriksen & Sven Werner and “Low Temperature District Heating Implementation Guidebook”, IEA DHC Annex TS2.

The course takes place October 5-6, 2022 in Stockholm.

The first day is about changes in the heating and cooling markets and the future of district heating, with lower demand for heat, carbon dioxide-free supply and heat pumps as the main competitor. We present results from current research regarding what will happen in the rest of the energy system and its management. 

The second day begins with system function, current temperature levels and typical reasons for them, and economic drivers for lower temperature levels in the future. Sven gives some examples of new district heating and district cooling systems with entirely new functions. We conclude by going through different change strategies in district heating systems and which investments are sustainable today and tomorrow.

More information and registration:

Low Temperature District Heating Implementation Guidebook

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