FVB contributes and is involved with a new CHP block taking shape

In 2020, Mälarenergi’s new CHP block, Block 7, will be completed in Västerås. Resources from FVB are involved in Mälarenergi’s project organization and work with both planning and project management.

The venture is an important step towards a renewable future, as district heating and electricity production in Västerås will be free of the use of coal and oil.
The planning has been ongoing since 2015 and in October 2016, Mälarenergi’s Board made a unanimous decision to proceed with the investment. Since then, the planning for the building has continued with the environmental and construction issues and the development of procurement documentation.
After the final decision in the municipal council, the practical work began in early 2017 with the procurement of the plant’s various parts, such as: boiler, flue gas treatment system, turbines, and fuel handling. The contracts were signed in the summer and the first groundbreaking took place in October 2017.

Phasing out coal and oil

Block 7 involves an investment of SEK 1.7 billion and includes connections to parts of existing facilities and fuel handling with an adjacent dam for stormwater.
The plant will be fired with wood waste from households and industries, such as wood left at recycling centers.
The new block will have a capacity of 150 MWth (thermal power) divided into about 50 MW electricity production and 100 MW heat generation. Added to this is about 30 MW of heat generated in the flue gas condenser placed in the flue gas treatment facility. Block 7 will account for about 40 percent of the district heating production in Västerås.
The waste-fired Block 6, which was started in 2014, accounts for about 50 percent of district heating production, and the rest of the district heating needs are produced in the older biofuel-fired boiler 5. This results in a district heating production in Västerås entirely based on renewable and recycled fuels.
“This is a huge and important project to prepare Västerås’ future energy supply for environmentally-friendly fuel. It feels really great to be able to contribute our skills and experience from similar projects,” says Per Perman, Project Manager at FVB in Västerås, who leads the subprojects for the boiler and flue gas treatment.
“As FVB was entrusted to work with Block 6, we can also bring the experiences from that project to the new Block 7.

In addition to project management of the process contracts, FVB supports Mälarenergi with project managers for all media and electrical connections to and from the existing facility. We also have various assignments for planning district heating and geothermal heating from waste heat sources.

More information:
Per Perman, 021-81 80 94

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