FVB contributes to cooperation between the business community and colleges

At Gävle College, there is the Cooperative Education program, Co-op, which is a program where studies are interspersed with periods of work in the business community. This gives the employer an opportunity to meet their future employees, before graduation.

The program is an engineering program where the student has chosen to study for four years instead of three. Studies are interspersed with periods of work outside of school hours, with a salary from the company, which gives the student 40 weeks of relevant work experience. Victor Hansen is in the Co-op program and is the first student to complete all their work weeks at FVB.

Emil Bäcklin, Head of FVB’s Gävle office, is the supervisor for Victor and believes this is a great opportunity to snatch up employees and create interest in the district heating industry.
“It is particularly important, because there are no specific education programs within this field,” says Emil.
The company also sees it as an opportunity for the student to get insight into the industry and profession, and find out if they have chosen the right path.
“It is also important to adapt the work periods to the student. At first, the tasks are more about being involved in simpler projects. As time goes on, we open up to more complex tasks. Support from those of use working here must always be available.”
Emil emphasizes that Victor works on actual projects, where contact with the customer is also an important factor.

Like traditional recruitment

Choosing the student works the same way as a traditional recruitment process. The companies put together a job listing that the students can respond to and send in their CVs. Interviews follow with those who applied. This ensures a good match between the employer and the student and creates a foundation for the continuing cooperation.
“We get the opportunity to see the student’s needs and sync them with ours,” says Emil. We usually say it is like a 40-week long employment interview, to the benefit of both parties.

Informative weeks

So far, Victor is very satisfied with the experience at FVB in Gävle.
“I have really gotten a chance to implement my skills in real life,” he says.
“Everyone at the office has made it easy for me to get involved. My time here has given me valuable contacts, a lot of knowledge and massive experience to take with me in my continuing career,” Victor finishes.

More information:
Emil Bäcklin, 026-14 07 30

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