Focus on sustainability during FVB day

The focus was on sustainability for our annual FVB day. We have developed our own sustainability pyramid based on what sustainability means for FVB, but also what FVB means for sustainability.

Starting with the UN’s 17 global sustainability goals, we have selected the goals that affect the company and the business we conduct the most. The top of the pyramid is the overall goal for us as a community builder: sustainable cities and communities. Mari Hellblom and Johan Paulsson from Easy to Trust were there to help us during FVB day.

The sustainability issue is important and needs to be anchored in the business. We look at all aspects, environmental, economic, and social sustainability, which, together with our technical expertise, make our services sustainable.

The work continues

Since its start in 1970, FVB has facilitated the switch to sustainable energy systems, both internationally and in Sweden. We have been involved in and expanded district heating and cogeneration, introduced district cooling to Sweden, and contributed to more efficient use of energy in industries and real estate.

We have achieved this using a sustainable business model with broad employee ownership and good profitability and in close cooperation with our customers. We continue our sustainability work by being Committed, Competent, and Well-liked. 

We have developed our social sustainability with a strong focus on work environment, inclusion, equality, gender equality, and ethics.

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