Course – requirements for construction and maintenance of district heating lines

FVB offers a course on requirements for construction and maintenance of district heating lines located in and above ground.

The course covers the process from planning and coordination, via design and construction, to documentation of underground district heating lines and/or corresponding processes for maintenance.

An important part of the course is to show the “common thread” for the various risk analyses. This is to create understanding as to why these analyses must be done and why they are a key part of creating a good working environment for those who build, operate, and maintain the network.

The course includes:
• Applicable Swedish Work Environment Authority statutes, standards, and
industry practices (Swedenergy’s technical regulations and instructions)
• Responsibilities for the different roles of the processes
• What needs to be done, e.g., the various risk assessments, construction, and Appendices 6:1 (KKI) and 6.2 (TKI)

The course material contains a presentation and a flow chart for construction and/or maintenance describing the elements of the process and associated paragraphs.

If you are interested, please contact Kristin Åkerlund at 026-14 16 20 or Lotta Hansson at 021-81 80 91.

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