3D scanning for more cost-effective project design

In 2019, FVB made an investment in laser scanning and can now offer customers cost-effective 3D documentation of existing facilities.

Thanks to modern technology, we can now use a current image of the facility in several types of software for documenting, planning, and designing various phases of a project. Laser scanning measures accurately with millimetre precision. The scanner is set up on a stand and first photographs in 360° and then measures millions of points within a few minutes. When the measurement is complete, the scanner is moved to a new position to add new measurement points and render a complete measurement of the facility. Laser scanning of a smaller heating facility or industrial space usually only takes a day or two.

Creates highly accurate data

“The results of the laser scanning become point cloud data in colour and 360-degree images that can be used both in viewing applications, where anyone can look around and get measurements in the facility, and in various CAD programs,” says David Jonsson of FVB. “Design planning in a laser scanned facility lets you detect collisions with existing objects and create a highly accurate blueprint. The customer also gets a picture of the end result that is easy to visualize and can designate changes early in the design planning.” 

Benefits for the customer and the environment

The ability to propose several different solutions and change designs without having to make additional site visits benefits both the customer and the environment. The risk of alterations and additions during construction is reduced and this makes it possible for the contractor to prefabricate certain parts. Another advantage of documenting a facility through laser scanning is that the basic data is retained and can be used for future projects. Customers can also expand existing measurements or update changes to select parts of the facility.


Benefits of laser scanning

  • Cost-effective measurement
  • Collision control
  • High precision in design planning
  • Visualisation in a real environment
  • Fewer site visits
  • Lower costs for alterations and additions
  • Basic data for documentation

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