Energy gas

We are a leading consultant in the purification, production and distribution of energy gas. Our extensive knowledge allows us to take entire projects from idea to completed facility with all parts of the project included.

Water, steam, oil, gas or other media flows

Our experience with production and distribution in the energy industry provided us with early opportunities to develop these and other media flows. The common denominator is the production, distribution and recycling of steam, compressed air, other gases and liquids.

Analysis and planning

Are you considering replacing LPG with biogas in your industrial processes?
Combined heat and power (CHP) or vehicle gas, what is the best use for biogas?
Time to get a new gas flare?
Need help with risk assessment or classification documents?

Whatever challenges or issues your business is facing, contact us for an impartial discussion of how we can best help you.

Vehicle gas




Energy gas
Biogas buses

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Examples of our services

Preliminary studies and economic analyses

Environmental impact assessments

Preliminary design, system design, and dimensioning

Tender documentation

Permit applications

Energy optimization, mass and heat balance


Project management

Risk and availability analyses

Explosion protection documents